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EDR Curlys (Online Programming): Alpha Version is live now !

We are pleased to announce the alpha launch of EDR Curlys, allowing our users to learn and practice programming online. Curlys is absolutely FREE to use and does not impose any restrictions on number of compilations and executions. Alpha release only allows Java programming practice, however, we will be adding other popular language such as C++, C#, Python and Ruby as we progress towards the Beta version.

Please give Edr Curlys a try and provide us your valuable feedback.

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New Engineering Courses on EdRepublic

We have recently added lots of engineering courses on our edrepublic website. These set of courses include Mechanical, Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Architecture and Computer engineering courses. Please search for any of the fields such as “Electrical Engineering”, “Aeronautical Engineering” or “Mechanical Engineering” to get a complete list of respective engineering courses. 

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Virtualization and Server Management Courses

We have added some very exciting training courses for our users to learn insights about VMWare, Xen, Citirx, vSphere and Cisco Routers & Switches.

You can find sample courses listed here:





For a complete listing of newly added sever management courses please visit:


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New Startup Courses Added

We have added new startup related courses from NovoEd. These courses are extremely helpful for users who are trying to build a new company or in the process of raising capital for their existing startups. You can browse these specific courses here:









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Newer Version of EdRepublic is Live !


A newer version of EdRepublic, with better categorization and numerous new courses, is live now. We received numerous requests for adding dedicated categories for business and photography and the new website has all of those. Once again we appreciate all the interest and look forward to serve our users better.

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Hands on HTML5 and CSS3

In collaboration with CODEPEN.IO we have added a dedicated section for practical HTML5 and CSS3. You can browse through the courses listed at http://edrepublic.com/edr/browse/Practical%20HTML5 and see the code in action on the individual detail pages. Moreover all tutorials are provided with HMTL, CSS and Javascript code to give you all the insights needed for modern web development.

Here are some examples to get you started.






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Search & Save Courses

We have added a new feature on EdRepublic that will allow users to save searched results. This will be extremely convenient for users who would like to continue their search for more courses while saving the courses they already liked. All saved courses will be available in the ‘Saved Courses’ section for users to review at a later stage.

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3 Months and 8900+ Courses strong!

We have received an overwhelmingly strong and positive response from the online community. Our visitors from 100+ countries seem very excited to explore the growing world of online education through edrepublic. This is by far the most exciting start I have seen in my last 8 years of entrepreneurship. We have received some great ideas and suggestions and will be launching them as edrepublic features pretty soon. So please stay tuned and thanks again for all the support.

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EdRepublic is live!

We have launched our alpha version. So far we have over 7500 courses to select from. Our content providers include Lynda.com, Udacity.com, Coursera.org, Skillfeed.com, Udemy.com, LearnStreet.com and more. In our initial version we are focused on providing a comprehensive set of online business and technical courses with customized and tailored search. Our categories include but are not limited to Web Programming, Technical Languages, Stock and Options Trading, Cloud Applications, Microsoft Tools and Digital Photography. 

If you get a chance do try us out at edrepublic.com and send us feedback!

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